How to start investment in genuine (HYIP) high yield investment programs ?

The best way to start your research is popular search engines like Google, yahoo or Bing. You can list down few of the programs you are interested on. \r\nForums can be your second step towards research. Forums have the best feature which allows people with same interest to share their ideas, thoughts and experience towards the section. So as your second step you can visit some popular forums (try visiting professional forums) to see what people are saying about the program you have thought of investing. You can inquire about the doubts you have on that forum as well, but you shouldn’t believe everything they are saying. Some kind of people would be there who would be posting their referral link as answer; they are not worried about you but their commission. You have to check various forums in order to confirm about a doubt; one single forum may lead you to different direction.\r\nThe next but very important step which you can take towards your research is taking reference of HYIP monitoring sites. You should not get dependent on a single monitoring site. Monitoring sites reference is good but you should notice few points for better result.\r\n1. Check with different monitoring site for same program.\r\n2. Check the status about the program whether paying, not paying or pending. HYIP programs treat monitoring sites in a gentle way. So if the status is paying you cannot predict that it will pay all the investors, but to many it will be paying.\r\n3. Read the comments and rating given by the past investors for a particular program.\r\n4. Some of the monitoring website publish individual article on a particular program upon request, some of them take payment, and some do it for free. You can request for such article if you want in depth idea about any program.\r\nPrecautions:\r\nHYIP programs are highly risky. You should be aware about everything before investing on it, so that you can reduce the risk. The best way to avoid risk is investing in various programs in small amounts rather than investing in a single program. It is nearly impossible to predict the life of any HYIP program present, so better investing in different programs to reduce the risk.\r\nSpend less to try: Do make a test spend on every program you are investing. My suggestion will be investing the smallest amount one program is offering or may be bit more so that it will be less risky. Then invest again the same small amount again and wait for the response the program is giving. After couple of test spend you can go for big amount if you feel like investing.\r\nWithdrawal: This is the big mistake sometimes most of the investors do; they don’t concentrate on regular withdrawal. My suggestion will be if any program is giving you benefit, then first withdraw the amount you have invested and then again you can go for another investment through the amount earned. Going forward you can keep some of your earned benefit and spend other amount which will again help you on taking more risk.\r\nNote: This article is only to make you understand how to find HYIP programs and some of the risk involved in it. Investing on any HYIP program is highly risky and you should know some of the strategies before doing this. I am continuously working on giving you the best way to minimize the risk so that it will be helpful for your investment.