What is (HYIP) high yield investments program ?

This answer most of us know that HYIP means High Yield Investment Program but what really it is? How it generates high profits? Very few have the answers. It is a high return investment program where the interest rate may vary from 5-500% also or more depending on the strategy the HYIP program are using. \r\nGenuine HYIP programs invest the amount collected in Forex trading or crypto currencies or Sports betting or capital management or stock exchange to get high return on the invested amount. They generate revenue because they know to play on this market, they observe the variance of the market and play strategic investment on various fields, and this is how they become trusted HYIP programs. All HYIP comes with high risk involved on the investment.\r\nThere are very few stable HYIP programs left now, new HYIP programs are very frequent now a days. Many old HYIP programs are closed now because of the scam going on. Many scams are going on around in the name of HYIP. Many HYIP admin are not investing the amount anywhere to generate revenue, rather they are just circulating the amount collected through their program. Few of them are not even doing that, they are just collecting a good amount and closing the program. That is the reason most of HYIP have less life span, few of them are closing for loss also.\r\nLike everything else, HYIP programs have positive and negative aspects but if done in a right way these programs can really give a good profit to the investors. HYIP programs which are paying are very few and they do it in real way.\r\nHYIP programs generally take Bitcoin based investment, perfect money and other crypto currency forms of investment. Talking about safe HYIP programs, you need to observe on the same; rather monitoring websites can help you in a way.\r\nModes of Pay HYIP take:\r\nMost of the HYIP programs take crypto currencies like Bitcoin, perfect money, lite coin etc. Beside this few of the HYIP programs accept solidtrust pay, payza and paypal also.\r\nFew Last Words:\r\nTalking about the current situation of HYIP industry, there are very few real HYIP programs which are running and giving the true benefit. Many scams are also in the market circulated and changed the industry in a manner it was never before. So the current scenario is 50-50. 50% of the programs are scam and other 50% are real HYIPs. Now the responsibility is completely on you how you find a genuine HYIP program.